Hydrogeology and
Sewage Systems

Hydrogeological assessments and septic system designs are required for rural development initiatives to ensure that future residents will have access to a sustainable quality and quantity of water for domestic use, that wells and sewage systems are constructed using the appropriate techniques, and that the facilities do not result in water conflicts with the uses of adjoining lands and is in concert with MOE D-5-4 and D-5-5 Guidance Documents.


Water Quality and Quantity Investigations; Chemical and Microbial Testing – Domestic Drinking Water Wells

Whatever the reason, potential surface water infiltration (GUDI well – groundwater under direct influence of surface water), fire, septic system failure, season changes, sulphur, or pure curiosity, our staff can assist you with sampling your well, interpreting the results and providing recommendations.

Pumping Tests/Well Yield Tests

Concord Engineering is qualified and licenced to perform groundwater response tests to meet your municipal permitting, land severance, water taking needs.  Contact us to discuss the details of your project and pricing.

Hydrogeological Studies for Land Development (plans of subdivision and condominium)
Drinking Water Well Testing
Groundwater and Subsurface Water Impact Assessment
Water Well Cross-Contamination Investigations
Reasonable Use and Environmental Impact Studies
Terrain Analysis for Site Development
Sewage System Design
Sewage System Failure Assessment
OBC Designer – Onsite Sewage Systems

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